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Textra Review - Free Features, Unique Messaging Experience, and More



In this review, we'll talk about Textra's free features, its unique messaging experience, and whether or not it's a good fit for you. We'll also look at whether it integrates well with Google Messages and offers a grace period. In addition, we'll cover whether Textra is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and what to look for when choosing between these two. And, of course, whether or not you should sign up for Textra.


When you use Free Textra, you can customize virtually any aspect of the message. This texting app has features similar to the popular Stock Google Texting app. When you open the app, you can tap the contact's photo to bring up the contact's card and select from the options to send a text, make a phone call, or go into the phone book. Another feature is the ability to change the color of the background of your message. You can choose from tens of thousands of colors. The app even lets you send a gif or time delay when you send an SMS. The app also comes with a BOT helper, which you can get in the 2020 update.

Free Textra allows you to send and receive messages with a friend or family member. You can schedule texts, send a group text, and delete messages. You can also access your mobile messages and blacklist unwanted contacts. The app has improved battery usage compared to other text messaging apps. Still, it can drain battery if you keep it open with other apps. To fix this, you can download Textra for free on Android. But beware of the ads: the free version is not the same as the pro version. You can install this app on your phone, and enjoy all the features of the free version!

Textra is a popular text messaging application. You can contact friends all over the world with it. While you're abroad, you may be wondering how to contact friends. The problem with this is that you may have trouble getting through to them when your cell phone's caller ID doesn't have an address. This is frustrating, so Textra lets you send messages to your friends from anywhere. Just be sure to update the software and try it out.

Textra SMS is available for Android and Apple devices. It includes a number of text messaging features, such as sending multiple messages, editing and deleting messages, and blocking spam calls. There's also an option to set your own wallpaper and add pictures and videos. You can even change the color of your text message by using Textra's customizable themes. There are tons of customization options in Free Textra. If you're looking for a free text messaging app, download it today!

Offers a new messaging experience

Textra is a messaging app that lets users customize the look of their phone, from the color of their background to the layout of their inbox. Thanks to the theme engine, you can choose the main color for your phone's screen to the secondary accent color. You can also match the color of your sent and received bubbles. The app looks great on any device, even those with a dated look. It also supports a variety of messaging protocols, including SMS, MMS, and more.

Textra is a veteran of the Android world and features tons of customization options. You can customize the color of notifications, add new themes, and send group and scheduled messages. You can even block particular numbers with the app, which is a nice feature if you hate spammers. The app supports MMS and group messaging and even allows you to copy only part of an SMS instead of the whole thing. You can also schedule messages, stop during send, and add over 3,000 emoji. It is compatible with PushBullet, Mighty Text, and Wear OS.

Textra SMS allows users to search a text by typing in the search field, or they can select an emoji from a gallery. The app lets users filter the results by clicking All. Clicking Press will display the full text of any message containing the search term. Another feature of this app is its ability to automatically add a signature to all of your texts. This signature can be added automatically or manually depending on how you want to use it.

Textra features customizable themes, emojis, and GIFS. You can change the background to your liking, set up a night mode, and even customize the font. You can even customize your notifications, so you can choose what messages you want to see at any given time. It's fast and intuitive. And even better, you can send and receive pictures and videos via this messaging app. So, don't hesitate and try it.

Works well with Google Messages

Many people like the web client of Google Messages, which allows you to view and compose messages from your computer. This capability is not available with many other messaging applications, but it is an excellent feature for those who are unable to be at their phones often. This way, they can check their messages and respond whenever necessary. There are even some options that will allow you to report spammers and new contacts. The web client of Google Messages is easy to navigate and has several cool features that will keep you occupied for hours at a time.

You can send and receive messages from other Gmail users and Google Messages. This service has a number of great features, including read receipts, typing indicators, and automatic file downloads. If you use mobile data, you can enable this option, as well as turn on spam protection. Moreover, you can choose what notifications you want to receive and set up how you receive them. You can also set up alerts for when someone sends you a file.

Another great feature of the Gmail app is its integration with Google Chat, which is also known as RCS Messaging. This service offers a lot of features like iMessage, including end-to-end encryption, improved group chats, typing indicators, and full-resolution photos and videos. Google Chat also uses emojis in a unique way, putting them front and center. Unlike iMessage, Google Chat also has an option to add locations to your contacts' messages, which is great if you have friends that are not in the same city.

The Google Messages app is free and allows you to text friends and family without using an additional app. You can also send videos, pictures, and audio messages. It supports most messaging features, including emojis, stickers, and GIFs. A few hidden features make the app even more useful. One of them is its support for dark themes. You can select the dark theme by tapping the three-dot icon on the main interface of the app. It will then be applied according to your system's theme settings.

Has a grace period

Textra has improved the performance of Quick Reply and Quick Compose features. These features now show the original send time and received time of each message. Users can also change the colors of the screen and notification icons. The redesigned Textra app makes it easier to send and receive messages. Currently, it supports both the Android and iOS operating systems. The latest version includes bug fixes for both Android and iOS. There's no grace period for buying the app, but you'll get it for free for a limited time.

Compared to Google Messages for Android, Textra is much smaller and weighs 68 MB. It's one of the few messaging apps that allows you to schedule a message, a feature missing from Android. Unfortunately, the schedule message option is hidden under the attachment option, but Textra should give it the time it deserves. The app is also missing a feature that allows you to change the emoji style.

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