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Logica Emotica Android Review


Logica Emotica If you like puzzle games, you'll love Logica Emotica, a new puzzle game that features minimalistic graphics. This game offers over 50 puzzles and is free to play. Unlike many other puzzle games, this one requires logic. So, if you're looking for a fun new game, check it out today! We've rounded up some of the best free puzzle games out there.


A common cause of crashes in Logica Emotica is outdated graphics drivers, DirectX, or unmonitored game files. If these issues occur, download and install the latest driver updates for your system. Driver Booster can help you do this automatically. If you still have problems after installing the latest drivers, try uninstalling any programs that might be conflicting with Logica Emotica. You can also download the latest DirectX and graphics driver updates from the Steam store.

Logica Emotica is an emoji puzzle game in which you have to solve different puzzles to complete different levels. Each level has a different logic, and solving them is part of the fun. The game consists of 25 levels, which players must complete by filling areas and moving objects into place. Once you've solved them, you can proceed to the next level. Currently, the game is available for free.

To download this Game for free, download MemuPlay. This emulator has Google play store pre-installed. Then, double click the Playstore icon, and search for the Game you want to install. Logica Emotica will be installed on your computer automatically, and you can use it just like on your smartphone. You can also use MemuPlay as an Android emulator. It is a lightweight application designed specifically for gaming.

In addition to the free version, a premium unlock-in app is available for this game. Although this is not a long-term solution, it can be a quick time-waster for people who are looking for a simple way to test their logical prowess. Just make sure to download the game before downloading it, as this will allow the tool to check for driver issues. After installing the software, restart your PC.


The interface of Logica Emotica is straightforward and minimalist. The game is free of any complicated controls or cluttered icons, making it an excellent choice for casual gamers. The minimalist approach is also evident in the surprisingly deep amount of puzzles it offers. Creator Bart Bonte's minimalist approach to game design is clearly evident in the simplicity of the interface. Despite its simplicity, Logica Emotica is highly engaging, as you will be able to figure out all 50 puzzles in a short amount of time.

Requires a lot of logic

Logica Emotica is a puzzle game with emoticons. Its UI is simple and intuitive. It's not very strategic, but it is a fun time-waster. The minimalistic design of the game is a testament to the game's creator, Bart Bonte. While it isn't the most strategic title, it does test your logical prowess.

The game is not a tutorial or an instruction manual. Each level presents a new emoticon. You have to tap it to see what it does. Then, you can move on to the next level. You need a lot of logic to complete the puzzles. This game is not for the faint of heart. It is for people who enjoy puzzle games and love puzzles.

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