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Metroid Dread Android Game Review


Metroid Dread android - If you're wondering if Metroid Dread is a must-have game for your Android device, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll discuss Gameplay, Controls, Story, and Release date. We'll also discuss the Controller, which supports this game. So, what are you waiting for? Let's take a look at everything we know so far. And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates.


If you love the Metroid games, then you should definitely give Metroid Dread a try. This open-ended sidescroller follows the adventures of Samus Aran, a bounty hunter who returns to her home world after being contaminated by a mysterious "X" parasite. You must travel across the mysterious planet ZDR to find the source of the "X Parasite" that has been causing all sorts of trouble for Samus' crew.

There are many skills and abilities in Metroid Dread that will help you defeat your enemies. These abilities will come in handy when you face the game's tougher bosses. Fortunately, the bosses in the game have been reworked and will put your skills to the test. Thankfully, the game will also allow you to pick up health at regular intervals and complete missions faster. Despite the new additions, Metroid Dread is not without its faults.

If you've been waiting for this game to come to Android, there's no need to worry. This metroidvania is now playable on android phones. This video shows you how to download the game and get it running on your device. Just follow the simple steps outlined in the video and you'll soon be on your way to playing this exciting game on the go. The best part? It's free!

As with most Metroid games, Metroid Dread has a straightforward storyline. The story follows the same plot as the other games in the franchise. You'll be exploring the world of a mysterious ominous creature, and the first step is avoiding a dangerous creature. However, you'll have to use a lot of your powers to make your way through the game's challenging areas. Fortunately, you can unlock Morph Balls and Phantom Cloaks to make it easier for you to survive.


If you're looking for a Metroid game that's fun and challenging, Metroid Dread is the title for you. The game features a brand-new gameplay mechanic that adds depth to the series' long-running formula. In the past, Metroid games have been known for their high survivability, and this new game is no exception. Rather than focusing on story, Dread has a focus on action and exploration.

While the game has a unique E.M.M.I. system, the game lacks a coherent world design. The different zones are not well-integrated. Super Metroid, for example, has a rocky surface and a large ocean zone, while Dread has a rocky area with a jungly zone and a hot area. The controls of Metroid Dread make it challenging for people with physical disabilities, but the game will likely come out with more customizable options in the future.

While Fear was once considered for the Nintendo DS, it was eventually scrapped due to specialized limits. While there was a lot of interest in a new Metroid game, the developer, MercurySteam, also developed Samus Returns in 2017 and decided to work on Dread as a spin-off. Since Dread is the first Metroid game to be viewed from the side, it's an interesting change from the traditional 3D style of the series.

The game also features the iconic Mother Brain boss. The Mother Brain's name may have been inspired by the main computer of the Nostromo. According to Game Informer magazine, the Mother Brain is the second-best boss fight in the Metroid series. In a Game Informer ranking, it was named #2 on the list of "Best Boss Fights Of All Time".


The new 2D Metroid game Metroid Dread was released on Android devices this month. It is the first 2D Metroid game in more than a decade, and is a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion. It features the same story, with the same premise, but adds some new twists and features. Unlike Metroid Fusion, this game takes place entirely on Android devices.

The game continues after the events of the Metroid Fusion game, which took place on the planet SR388. This time, the game takes place on Planet ZDR, where new enemies are introduced, including unstoppable E.D.D.I. robots. The game also reveals secrets about the Chozo civilization, an alien race that raised Samus and created the Metroids. There is also a mysterious figure known as the Chozo, who seems to be an ominous figure.

The main plot of Metroid Dread is quite simple and similar to that of most of the other titles in the franchise. Samus must battle her new enemies and stop Chozo's ambitions. As part of her quest, she manifests strange powers and uses them to drain energy from other beings. Adam Malkovich also returns to assist Samus with story-related information. In addition to the Dread Android, there is a Samus game called Samus Returns.

The second game in the series is a sequel to Samus Returns. The game is set in the same universe as Samus Returns, though it is not necessary to play the Prime series before playing Dread. Samus has a past that is far more complicated than her present, but she manages to survive it all. Once Samus is free, she escapes through space toward Aether. And the final battle is a fierce one!

Release date

Metroid Dread is the latest installment of the popular 2D action-platformer series. The game's story revolves around bounty hunter Samus Aran and a mysterious message from the planet ZDR. In Metroid Dread, you'll explore a vast and terrifying world filled with enemies and challenges, and take on the role of the titular hero. You'll also battle bosses and overcome challenges.

Fans of the series have been waiting for a new game in the series for quite some time. It will also mark the triumphant return of Samus Aran in a new game. While there's still no confirmation for a "Metroid Prime 4", it's clear that the new title will be a treat for fans of the 2D series. With this release date, you can pre-order the game and make sure you get your hands on the game when it's released.

It is unclear when the game will be released for Android devices, but it will be available on the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 8 for $29.99. Pre-ordering has already started for the game, and it will feature new Metroid Amiibo. The game will also launch alongside the Nintendo Switch's new OLED console. However, there is no exact date for when Metroid Dread will be available on Android devices.

Among the many features of "Metroid Dread" are the stealth element and Samus' signature mechanics, like the morph ball and deadly arm cannon. The game is expected to feature an open world and the freedom to explore as you please. With the latest updates and gameplay improvements, players can't wait for its release. A Metroid game will surely please everyone. But if you're interested in playing it on the Android platform, make sure to check out Metroid Dread and enjoy its exciting new features.


If you're in the market for an action-adventure game for Android or iOS, you should consider Pre-Ordering Metroid Dreading! This upcoming game is developed by Mercury Steam and Nintendo EPD and is based on the popular 2D Metroid series. You will take control of bounty hunter Samus Aran on the planet ZDR. There are several editions to choose from, including a limited-edition version with a special bonus.

The special edition of Metroid Dread comes with many benefits, including a game card and a steel recreation case. Other perks of the special edition include an art book and five amazing playing cards. These collectibles can be purchased at the time of pre-ordering the game. While this is a deluxe edition, it's possible you'll be able to purchase it at launch.

If you want to pre-order the game right now, there are many ways to do so. First, you can check out various online retailers and retail stores. You can also follow Wario64 on Twitter to find out about hot products before they go on sale. Alternatively, you can check out Amazon's own website for details on the pre-ordering process. If you're interested in pre-ordering Metroid Dread for Android, you'll need to find a retailer with a good selection of the game.

If you're into collectibles, you'll want to consider Pre-Ordering the special edition of Metroid Dread. This is because it comes with a steel-book case, an art book, and five art cards celebrating every 2D Metroid game. If you don't care for a physical copy, you can always buy a digital version from the Nintendo Switch Game Store.

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